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If you don’t change I am getting a divorce. I am unhappy in our marriage.
Your children hate you. I know they love you but they are angry.
You could bring coffee if you want to. What if I get us some coffee.
You could pick up the room if you really cared. I have a hard time keeping up with things and I need your help.
It is about time you did something around here. Thanks for helping out.
I was wrong but you made me do it. I made a self-centered choice.  I am sorry.
You are always doing that to me. I want to say you do that to me but that is not true.  I have some responsibility here, too.
You never want to help. I feel all alone, but I know you do help.
That’s not true. I feel myself wanting to say that is not true but I think that is my way of defending myself so I do not have to deal with what if that is true.
That’s not true. There’s probably some truth to that but I do not want to see it.

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