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God is Still Speaking and Working in New Ways in our Day

Title: 6 Characteristics/Beliefs/Steps that Transform Church Conflicts into Catalysts for Community Building and Coalescence

I have been working with a therapeutic model (Internal Family Systemssm) that welcomes all points of view without prejudice toward any other point. Church conflict has been worked on in a way that invites and welcomes everyone in a way that values people rather than villainizing them. Building the community of faith requires a new way of being and seeing and speaking. I have developed a way to teach and model this so that a church can truly have 6 ways to communicate honestly.

My role in churches using this model has been to hear all sides and to speak truth to those who felt powerless in the conflict.

This model will be demonstrated by the presenter using role play with participants. We will focus on dissolving the tension that perpetuates conflict in the community. The truth sets the people free to be one because they learn to live as one.

Summary of 6 Characteristics/Beliefs:

  • We welcome all people who have parts that we like (I Cor.1:12)
  • We welcome all people who have parts that we are not sure of (I Cor. 1:12)
  • We welcome all people that we dislike (I Cor. 1:18)
  • We see the world and others in terms of parts, that are part of the whole. (I Corinthians 12:12-19)
  • We see the work of community building as internal work of calming and speaking for our parts even when they are triggered by opposite parts in others. (Psalm 139)
  • Inside all of us is a Healing Self that is the Image of God that welcomes all parts in an extravagant welcome.

Rev. Donald L. Paine, D.Min/Psy. LICSW
March 11, 2011

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