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Parakalein: the Art of Inclusion of Spirituality with Intrusion

Parakalein is a new paradigm for the inclusion of spirituality in clinical practice. This approach weaves together the two fundamental principles of social work practice:  Self-determination and empowerment into an understanding and use of spirituality in clinical interventions.  Spirituality is defined as healthy internal awareness and positive presence rather than external controls.  Parakalein empowers humanity, endorsing responsibility and respect towards all beings as core values

Parakelin is a Greek word, literally meaning “called alongside of”.  It embraces the posture and position of alongside rather than over and above.  Coalescence and cooperation are translated into a new presence that is non-controlling, non-intrusive, compassionate and calm.  It presents divinity not in the traditional role of “power over” matrix into an “alongside of” matrix.  The dual drive of humanity is the “fear of loss” and the “desire for gain” that perpetuates an attack-defend response system.  The drive of divinity, core Self, is the design to be loved and loving that perpetuates a calm and compassionate response system.  Parakalein develops the primary focus of a non-anxious and authentic presence that is full of compassion and free of fragmenting judgment.

Parakalein suggest the conflicts of opposites are the essential catalysts for harmony. Once understood as not essentially oppositional, opposites are complementary and balancing.   True presence is to be present without imposing that presence. Parakalein provides a monitoring grid for clinical practice that includes the “in whose service is the service” question of reflection and the therapeutic presence that is authentic and powerful.

Parakalein conceptualizes God as alongside the creation in an authentic and non-anxious presence that extends an extravagant welcome of all parts of a person inclusive of their born of experience, feelings or thoughts as burdens that constrain or restrict  and/or beliefs that enhance or restrict.   No parts, no matter what their burden or belief, are rejected, shamed, or judged as undeserving of acceptance. As all parts are welcomed the healing energy that is free of the burden to protect,  defend or attack, offers with courage compassion calmness the creative capacity of open-heartedness.  The judgment that closes the system is exchanged for the justice of welcoming all parts.  The extravagant welcome frees the parts from their burden or beliefs that they cannot be welcomed.   They are then welcomed into safe and sacred space that offer a reality that is transformative and translucent.  The fear of being vulnerable and the desire to protect all parts meet the alongside of nature of goodness and Godliness.  All parts are welcome offers a counter-intuitive experience,  the inner Self that is of spirit and is resilient, resourceful, and redemptive.  It is the Kingdom of God within finding a way to come out as burdens and believes are transformed from negative energy to positive energy.

The parakalein of God is not over and against but parallel to the position of and posture of welcoming.  Ir also parallels the psychotherapy model of Internal Family Systems.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is at the forefront of a movement in psychotherapy toward a more collaborative approach that relies on clients’ intuitive wisdom. One of the fastest growing approaches in the field today, IFS offers a clear, non-pathological, and empowering understanding of human problems and philosophy of practice that allows both therapist and client to enter the nourishing state of flow in which healing occurs. IFS practices are designed to release the compassion, curiosity, and creativity that lie beneath the protective parts of our clients so as to bring open-hearted healing to themselves and their relationships with family members. In that process, they are able to unload the extreme beliefs, emotions, and sensations that burden their lives, allowing the best in themselves to fully shine. IFS offers a simple yet sophisticated integration of intra-psychic and family theory and technique, and of psychology and spirituality. Infused with practical takeaways for your everyday client work, this program will include didactic learning, demonstrations and experiential learning to introduce therapists to this powerful and elegant healing modality.
The core values of “The Self” are calmness, compassion, courage, and creativity.  They are assisted by a general non-judging curiosity that asks “why” with openness.  It gets there is a difference between asking why with a closed, hurt heart and asking why with an open healed-heart’ and open hand.  The parts close down in fear the Self opens in hope that is resilient and restorative.
These parallel the core values of Galatians 5 that include love, Joy Peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, faith, kindness, self-control.

Rev. Dr. Donald L. Paine, LICSW, AAMFT
Trained Internal Family System Therapist

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