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Sunset on a Peaceful Beach Parakalein Counseling Services is committed to assisting individuals, couples, and families in resolving internal or external conflicts.  Dr. Donald L. Paine, the president and founder of Parakalein Counseling and Consultation Services, Inc., “blends the heart of a pastor with the training of a therapist.  He is a certified Fellow in the American Association of Pastoral Counselors, and is licensed in Massachusetts and New York with a LICSW and a CSW, respectively.

The focus of the Parakalein system of intervention is based on a conceptual framework of God and the “imago dei” of humanity. This conceptuality is developmental, authentic, and dynamic in structure.  The functional focus is empowering, developmental, and spiritual.  It includes man’s search for meaning and identity coupled with God’s identity of full self-awareness and self-control, not needing power over someone for ego satisfaction.  God is complete and entire lacking nothing.  The focus then is on the empowerment of people to grow and develop through life’s experiences.  God does not direct people or events but assists people in responding to life events in a way that results in personal (emotional and spiritual) growth and development. 

Parakalein in Greek means “the one called alongside of.”  The metaphor of “called alongside of” provides the foundation for therapeutic intervention that is authentic but not authoritative, involved but not intrusive, dynamic but not directive, empowering but not overpowering, and collaborative but not compelling.  A part of humanity wants power and control over people or things to satisfy the ego need for power.  We have graven God with our hands after our own image of “power and control.”  The result is that much of theology, eccleissiology and psychology are intrinsically laced with that idea. 

The parakalein concept suggests that God is not over us as a directing and controlling force.  They (Three Persons) are, rather, over us as a caring overseer and under us with a desire to develop and empower us.  This is accomplished by being alongside of us as we attempt to deal with the events of life and past choices and make good and healthy choices for the future.  In a parallel way, this becomes the task of the therapist.  It is not to know and tell more but to know more and tell less.  

The parakalein concept presents the Trinity as the divine expression of a true interactive, interconnecting, non-competitive, cooperative, and balanced system.  Each member of the trinity is self-independent and self-defined yet other-connected in a healthy balance of self and others.  Each member respects the role, value, integrity, and separateness of the other while remaining connected to the whole.  The Trinity is the divine parallel to the family in which each member is respected and valued without a need to control.  The desire to empower each person’s uniqueness is the key to the ultimate well-being of the family as a whole.  The structural orientation of the universe is similar to that of the Trinity and the human family system.  Healthy structure provides enough control to sustain togetherness and connectedness without control and dominance.  It also provides enough freedom to allow for and empower uniqueness of personal identity, authenticity, and expression.  The authentic and empowered individual in the system is the goal of authentic and empowering therapy.


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